Spotlight - Officer Marc Thibeault & K-9 Clark
Past and Retired Police K-9s
Officer Thibeault has been a police officer in Yarmouth for 6 years. Prior to becoming a police officer, he served as a Yarmouth Natural Resource Officer. Officer Thibeault is a member of the department’s Honor Guard and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. He is the newest member of the Yarmouth Police K-9 Unit and is assigned to the midnight shift with his K-9 partner Clark.
K-9 Biography: Clark is a German Shepherd imported from Senec, Slovakia. His full name is Clark Deviant zo Senca. Clark is almost 2 years old and completed the sixteen-week K-9 Academy in September of 2005, under the direction of Lieutenant Kenneth Ballinger of the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office. Clark is a single purpose patrol K-9 trained in tracking, area searching, building searching, criminal apprehension and crowd control. When off duty, Clark lives at home with Officer Thibeault.

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