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Cape Cod Police K-9 Relief Fund Management
Day to day activities of the Fund are managed by Joe Ambrosini, former K-9 handler and Deputy Superintendent for Public Safety, Barnstable County Sheriff's Office. Joe is happy to address all questions and comments regarding the Cape Cod Police K-9 Relief Fund. He may be reached at or 508-294-1869.
The Cape Cod Police K-9 Relief Fund is a retirement fund built by donations from compassionate individuals and civi minded local business, and merchandise sales. This fund helps ease the burden of veterinary costs incurred in maintaining a retired K-9 officer.

The monies are maintained in a money market account set up through a local bank. The Cape Cod Police K-9 Relief Fund account is currently managed by The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, located in Hyannis Massachusetts. The qualification procedure is determined by a committee comprised of four people with diverse backgrounds and occupations through an application process.

In addition to donations and proceeds from merchandise sales, the CCPK9 Relief Fund also receives commissions from purchases made through retailers advertising on our web site. When you make a purchase from any of these retailers, the fund receives a commission. This helps retired Police K-9s while you do your usual shopping all year long. Please visit this web site first, and click on the links to any of these retailers. If you go directly to the retailer's site, the CCPK9 Relief Fund will not receive a commission.
IMPORTANT: Not all charitable donations are tax-deductible, depending on your current financial status. Please check with a professional tax-specialist or accountant to ensure that your donations can be deducted from your annual taxes.

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