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Annual Motorcycle Run

An INCREDIBLE number of riders get ready for the 2019 run. Will it be bigger in 2020?

Last year’s run – here we are on Route 6, on our way to Provincetown. It was a beautiful day for a ride!

The Annual Cape & Islands Police K-9 Relief Fund Motorcycle Run for 2020

Our annual motorcycle event is the last Saturday in September every year. Because of COVID, we thought we couldn’t do a ride in 2020, but we were wrong! This year the ride will be on Saturday, September 26.

Join us for a VIRTUAL RIDE!!

The Covid-19 virus has proven to be an unpredictable and unprecedented threat to the overall health of people around the world.

With so many events either cancelling or rescheduling activities around the country, it seems appropriate to plan for the possibility that many rides might not be an appropriate event this year… At least not in its original design.

Social distancing is the most practical form of protection from the Covid-19 Virus. How can you practice safe social distancing when you attract over 1,000 to take part in a one day event? From riders to venders to citizens lining the streets, there is no way to guarantee safety from the transmission of this deadly virus if the ride is carried out in its traditional execution.

Cancelling the ride is out of the question.

Adapting the ride is the solution!

We invite you to join us for a VIRTUAL RIDE!

Please purchase 1 ticket per rider. Thank you!

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What will that look like and how can you join?

  • The ride will still be held Saturday Sept 26th at 9AM.
  • There will be a virtual start from our usual spot at Stop & Shop Dennis.
  • Tune into FB live and see Joe hold the opening ceremonies and start the ride!
  • Join us by picking your own starting point for your own small group.
  • Don’t forget to send us 3 photos or videos so we can experience your ride!

Here are some photo suggestions:

  • Start of the ride. A selfie or picture of your bike before the start of your own ride.
  • Landmark photo. At some point along the ride, stop at a local landmark and take a picture holding the flag/printout that reads “Virtual CIPK9Ride 2020”
  • End of ride celebration picture. Show us how you ended the ride at a restaurant or small gathering with a toast!

Post your photos using the hashtag #CCK9Ride2020 and tag us!

Please purchase 1 ticket per rider. Thank you!

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Virtual Ride Ticket $10
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Cape & Islands volunteers group photo