Retired Police K-9s

These are the K9’s we are caring for. Check out their profiles below.

Retired K9 named Aggie


Dutch Shepard

Retired: 2018
A 12 year old Dutch Shepard that was purchased in Holland.  She was one of the first K-9’s to be breed in Massachusetts to have her puppies continue on as Police Officers.  Aggie attended a 12 week firearm/ballistic academy and was trained to passives alert while not contaminating crime scene evidence.  During her career she worked with local, state and federal agencies assisting with locating illegal firearms.  She was deployed to many firearm related cases to locate and determine where the shooting occurred and to search for evidence.  She is now retired and enjoying long runs through the woods and relaxing on her L.L. bean bed. 

Retired K9 Morgan single purpose, passive Narcotics K-9


Black Lab

Retired: 2014
A 13 year old black lab that was rescued from the Kingston dog shelter. She was trained as a single purpose, passive  Narcotics K-9 and completed a 12 week academy.  Morgan was an Officer  with the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office for 9 years. During her career as a Narcotics Detection K-9 she was assigned full time to the Cape & Islands Narcotics Unit working closely with local, state and federal agencies.  She  worked hand and hand with the United States Coast Guard conducting commercial fishing boat boardings. She conducted motor vehicle searches, school searches, correctional facility searches, people searches, outside area searches, building searches and much more. During her 9 years she has seized over $500,000 in U.S. currency and has been involved in major league Narcotic cases convicting numerous  violators.  She now enjoys her life at home with her family relaxing and eating like a queen.   


Lab Beagle mix

Retired July 2018
Koda is a single purpose narcotic detection K9 that was rescued by the Sandwich Police Department from The Animal Rescue League. Koda worked in Sandwich for a year after graduating from the Narcotic detection academy. Then in August of 2013 Koda and her handler were assigned full time to the Massachusetts State Police Cape Cod Drug Task Force where she worked until her retirement in 2018 as well as maintaining her service in the town of Sandwich. Koda helped detect numerous amounts of narcotics and contraband during her career as she was involved in many high profile narcotic cases throughout the Cape Cod and surrounding areas.

Retired K9 Gunner


Lab / Dutch Shepard

Retired May 2018
Gunner is another one of the retired police K9s who we now support with our program.⠀⠀
He spent his career with the narcotics unit his retirement.⠀

K9 Kosmo


German Shepard

Retired December 2015
Kosmo is another one of the retired police K9s who we now support with our program.⠀⠀
Kosmo worked as a Patrol Dog until forced to retire due to an injury.

K-9 Nero


Belgian Malinois

Retired April 2018
Nero was donated to the Yarmouth Police Dept. Nero is certified in patrol work. Since retirement this good boy enjoys spending his time with his buddy Thor.⠀

K9 Thor


Black Lab / Rottweiler

Retired 2018
Narcotics dog for the Yarmouth Police Department from 2011 till 2018.
He is a rescue dog.

K9 Torres


Dutch Shepherd

Retired April 2017
Torres served the Yarmouth Police Department as a patrol canine.
He was also assigned to Cape Cod SWAT as a tactical canine.
Torres is the recipient of nine Letters of Commendation, a Unit Commendation, a Superior Investigative Award, a Meritorious Service Award and a Meritorious Unit Award, for aiding in the search of Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Retired K9 Jaxx


Retired 2014.
Jaxx, a patrol certified canine, began his service with the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit in 2004; he continued on duty until his retirement in 2014.


Belgian Malinois

Retired May 2019
Served as a patrol dog for the Barnstable county sheriffs office from October 2014 until May 2019. Assisted with searches in locating suspects, lost children, missing persons, evidence recovery. Dex had numerous finds while assisting all towns within Barnstable County during the five year period where he worked the road.

Retired K9 Elivis


German Shepard

Elvis is originally from the Czech Republic. He had a very successful 9 year career catching B&E suspects, finding several thousand dollars in evidence and most notably searching for the Boston marathon bombing suspect. As a team we also caught a murder suspect who is now serving a life sentence in prison.

Retired K9 Lola


Narcotics unit for 8 years, assigned to Barnstable drug unit. Also trained as a friendly find K9.  Assigned to Barnstable Street Crimes Unit and then Barnstable Drug Unit.  Assisted in many local, state and federal narcotics cases.  Currently enjoying retirement and watching the Patriots!

Retired K9 Deisel -searches, warrants eveidence recovery


Chocolate Lab

Retired July 2019
Narcotic K9 served as a narcotic k9 for the Barnstable County Sheriffs office for 2 years, assisted with narcotic searches, School searched, search warrants, motor vehicle stops, evidence recovery, currency seizures, property seizures, area search people air sniff.  and arrests with Jail time.  assisted all towns in the county as well as Mass.  

Retired K9 Lilly Narcotic K9 for Barnstable County Sheriff


Black Lab

Retired July 2017
Narcotic K9 served as a narcotic k9 for the Barnstable County Sheriffs office for 8 years, assisted with narcotic searches, warrants, motor vehicle stops, evidence recovery, currency seizures, property seizures and arrests with Jail time. Lilly assisted all towns in the county as well as Mass.